The Influence of Beef Cattle Breeder Characteristic on the Business Scale of Bumi Karomah Breeders Group in the City of Probolinggo

Anggraeny YN, Prita KS, Mariyono

Indonesian Beef Cattle Research Station
Jl. Pahlawan No. 2, Grati, Pasuruan 67184, East Java, Indonesia
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This research aims to know the influence of the farmer breeder characteristics on the business scale which measured by livestock number owned. This research was conducted in the city of Probolinggo, East Java. The respondents in this study included beef cattle farmer breeders who are the active members of Bumi Karomah group. The number of respondents were 30 peoples. Data were collected through interviews using a questionnaire. Data in this research were analyzed using multiple regression analysis to test the influence of beef cattle farmer breeder characteristics on business scale. Multiple linear regression analysis result showed that age, number of family burden and cattle raising experience do not affect significantly to business scale owned by farmer breeders with determination coefficient 17% means that the characteristics of breeders on in family burden variables affects the number of business scale only by 17%, and the rest is affected by other variables. Meaning, that the diversity of the three characteristics of the breeder are not strong enough to explain the diversity of the business scale.

Keywords:  Farmer Breeders Characteristics; Beef Cattle; Business Scale